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SweGRIDS research area SMARTPOWER
SweGRIDS project code SP9
Project type PhD
Status completed
Researcher Wei Li   (webpage)
University KTH (EPE)
Project period 2014-09-01 to 2018-04-12   
Project supervisor Luigi Vanfretti   (webpage)
Industrial sponsors Svenska kraftnät, ABB

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Project abstract

With vast renewable energy generation being applied into the electric power network, it increasingly brings more challenges for system operation and control. As the fundamental function of power system monitoring and control, state estimation thereby urgently needs to be adapted to the new challenges and provide a faster and more accurate solution.

In this project, we will develop new paradigms and models for hybrid AC and DC networks state estimation (SE) and implement the developed SE paradigms into real SE platform to demonstrate the "Real-Time Wide-Area State Estimation of Hybrid AC and DC Grids".

Summary of work

2015. A PMU-based state estimation algorithm has been developed; a classic HVDC link model and a point-to-point VSC-HVDC model have been developed and included into the network model for state estimation; several practical issues for the PMU-based state estimation, for instance, system observability and measurement redundancy, measurement noise, and angle bias detection and correction, have been considered and studied in the proposed state estimator.

2017. Pseudo-dynamic network modeling approach is proposed. As a new network modeling algorithm for state estimation, it helps to improve state estimation accuracy during both steady state and transient conditions without increasing the computational burden. In addition, the proposed modeling approach is applied to networks containing both a STATCOM and a VSC-HVDC to demonstrate how to develop and apply a pseudo-dynamic state estimation model. A systematic mechanism to quantify the PMU measurement noise variance is proposed, which composes three steps—off-line simulation, hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulation, and telemetry data. It provides a statistical relation between the inputs and outputs of PMUs for various input signals in off-line simulation, evaluates the impact of including real PMUs via hardware-in-the-loop simulation, and proposes two methods to separate process and measurement noises in telemetry data.

Event log

2016. KTH-PDC Summer School 2016: Introduction to High Performance Computing

2017. Presented “Phasor State Estimation Weighting Coefficients for AC and Hybrid Networks with Power Electronic Devices” on the panel session of “Tuning the measurement weights in power system state estimation” at IEEE PES General Meeting, July 20, 2017, Chicago, USA.

Project reference-group

Magnus Callavik,  ABB
Lidong Zhang,  ABB
Göran Ericsson,  Svenska kraftnät
Magnus Johansson,  Svenska kraftnät

Publications by this researcher

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Pseudo-Dynamic Network Modeling for PMU-Based State Estimation of Hybrid AC/DC Grids
Wei Li,   Luigi Vanfretti,   Joe H. Chow.
2018,   IEEE Access, vol. 6

PMU-based State Estimation for Hybrid AC and DC Grids
Wei Li.
2018,   Thesis (PhD), KTH Royal Institute of Technology, TRITA-EECS-AVL

A PMU-based state estimator for networks containing FACTS devices
Wei Li,   Luigi Vanfretti.
2015,   IEEE Eindhoven PowerTech, PowerTech 2015, 29 June 2015 through 2 July 2015

A PMU-Based State Estimator For Networks Containing VSC-HVDC links
Wei Li,   Luigi Vanfretti.
2015,   General Meeting of the IEEE-Power-and-Energy-Society, JUL 26-30, 2015, Denver, CO

Towards Consistent Model Exchange and Simulation of VSC-HVdc Controls for EMT Studies
Robert Rogersten,   Luigi Vanfretti,   Wei Li.
2015,   General Meeting of the IEEE-Power-and-Energy-Society, JUL 26-30, 2015, Denver, CO

Generic VSC-Based DC Grid EMT Modeling, Simulation, and Validation on a Scaled Hardware Platform
Luigi Vanfretti,   Wei Li,   Agusti Egea-Alvarez,   Oriol Gomis-Bellmunt.
2015,   General Meeting of the IEEE-Power-and-Energy-Society, JUL 26-30, 2015, Denver, CO

Inclusion of Classic HVDC links in a PMU-based state estimator
Wei Li,   Luigi Vanfretti.
2014,   2014 IEEE PES General Meeting,27-31 July 2014,National Harbor, MD

A Quantitative Method for the Assessment of VSC-HVdc Controller Simulations in EMT Tools
Robert Rogersten,   Luigi Vanfretti,   Wei Li,   Lidong Zhang,   Pinaki Mitra.
2014,   IEEE PES ISGT Europe,12-15 Oct. 2014, IStanbul, Turkey

Hybrid Nearest Level and open loop control of Modular Multilevel Converters with N+1 and 2N+1 levels
Naveed Ahmad Khan,   Luigi Vanfretti,   Wei Li,   Arif Haider.
2014,   EPE’14-ECCE Europe,26-28 Aug. 2014,Lappeenranta

Generic High Level VSC-HVDC Grid Controls and Test Systems for Offline and Real Time Simulation
Md Rokibul Hasan,   Luigi Vanfretti,   Wei Li,   Naveed Ahmad Khan.
2014,   9th International Conference on Electric Power Quality and Supply Reliability, PQ 2014, Rakvere, Estonia, 11 June 2014 through 13 June 2014

Generic VSC and low level switching control models for offline simulation of VSC-HVDC systems
Luigi Vanfretti,   N. A. Khan,   Wei Li,   Md Rokibul Hasan,   A. Haider.
2014,   9th International Conference on Electric Power Quality and Supply Reliability, PQ 2014, 11 June 2014 through 13 June 2014, Rakvere, Estonia

Unambiguous Power System Dynamic Modeling and Simulation using Modelica Tools
Luigi Vanfretti,   Wei Li,   Tetiana Bogodorova,   Patrick Panciatici.
2013,   2013 IEEE Power and Energy Society General Meeting, PES 2013

Modeling of Custom Hydro Turbine and Governor Models for Real-Time Simulation
Wei Li,   Luigi Vanfretti,   Mostafa Farrokhabadi.
2012,   2012 IEEE COMPENG Workshop on Complexity in Engineering,11-13 June 2012, Aachen

Development and implementation of hydro turbine and governor models in a free and open source software package
Wei Li,   Luigi Vanfretti,   Yuwa Chompoobutrgool.
2012,   Simulation (San Diego, Calif.), vol. 24

Development and Implementation of the Nordic Grid Model for Power System Small-Signal and Transient Stability Studies in a Free and Open Source Software
Yuwa Chompoobutrgool,   Wei Li,   Luigi Vanfretti.
2012,   2012 IEEE Power and Energy Society General Meeting, PES 2012

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