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SweGRIDS research area Materials for Power Grid and Storage
SweGRIDS project code MTL7
Project type PostDoc
Status completed
Researcher Amirreza Khataee   (webpage)
University KTH (CHE)
Project period 2021-08 to 2021-09 (2 months)   
Project supervisor Rakel Wreland Lindström   (webpage)
Industrial sponsors Vattenfall

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Project abstract

Redox flow batteries (RFBs) are considered a promising technology for storing intermittent renewable energies (e.g., solar and wind energy) and developed for medium and large-scale stationary energy storage applications. The Vanadium Redox Flow Battery (VRFB) is a promising and commercially-available energy storage technology that poses advantageous features for stationary applications. A key component of the VRFB in terms of cost and system efficiency is the membrane.

This project's primary goal is to reduce further the electrolyte crossover and overall costs of the VRFB by using novel cation exchange membranes (made by polymer group at Lund University) as an alternative to benchmark Nafion.

Summary of work

In this project, Inspired by the published data from our recent study [J. Power Sources, 483 (2021) 229202], cation exchange membranes (CEMs) were prepared with poly(terphenyl) backbone and sulfonic acid groups connected to the backbone using different side chains.

Their electrochemical performance was investigated through in-situ and ex-situ characterizations. As in-situ analysis, the basic properties of membranes such as ion exchange capacity, water uptake, and permeability were measured, and the values were quite comparable with Nafion 212. Regarding ex-situ analysis, the membranes showed sufficient ionic conductivity compared to Nafion 212. In addition, the VRFB using novel CEMs showed much longer self-discharge time and more stable rate performance. Last but not least, higher coulombic efficiency was achieved for VRFB using novel CEMs, likely due to less electrolyte crossover. More importantly, the capacity loss is half of the case that Nafion 212 is used.

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Project reference-group

Magnus Berg,  Vattenfall
Also some contact with ABB / Scandinavian Solar Cells / Ferroamp Electronics.

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Poly(arylene alkylene)s functionalized with perfluorosulfonic acid groups as proton exchange membranes for vanadium redox flow batteries
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2023,   Journal of Membrane Science, vol. 671

Zwitterionic poly(terphenylene piperidinium) membranes for vanadium redox flow batteries
Ivan Salmeron-Sanchez,   Pegah Mansouri Bakvand,   Anuja Shirole,   Juan Ramón Avilés-Moreno,   Pilar Ocón,   Patric Jannasch,   Rakel Wreland Lindström,   Amirreza Khataee.
2023,   Chemical Engineering Journal, vol. 474

Titanium germanium carbide MAX phase electrocatalysts for supercapacitors and alkaline water electrolysis processes
Zahra Ansarian,   Alireza Khataee,   Yasin Orooji,   Amirreza khataee,   Samira Arefi-Oskoui,   Ehsan Ghasali.
2023,   Materials Today Chemistry, vol. 33

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Elias Lallo,   Amirreza khataee,   Rakel Wreland Lindström.
2022,   Processes, vol. 10(2)

Anion exchange membrane water electrolysis using Aemion™ membranes and nickel electrodes
Amirreza khataee,   Anuja Shirole,   Patric Jannasch,   Andries Krüger,   Ann M. Cornell.
2022,   Journal of Materials Chemistry A, vol. 10(30)

Asymmetric cycling of vanadium redox flow batteries with a poly(arylene piperidinium)-based anion exchange membrane
Amirreza Khataee,   Dong Pan,   Joel S. Olsson,   Patric Jannasch,   Rakel Lindström.
2021,   Journal of Power Sources, vol. 483

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