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SweGRIDS research area MATERIAL
SweGRIDS project code ML2
Project type PhD
Status completed
Researcher Fang Mao   (webpage)
University UU
Project period 2011-12-01 to 2017-06   
Project supervisor Ulf Jansson   (webpage)
Industrial sponsors ABB

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Project abstract

New electric contact material is crucial for suitable product development in smart grids. The new materials should combine several, sometimes contracting properties such as low contact resistance, high wear resistance and low friction. In this project, (i) a series of combinatorial tools and platforms have been developed for rapid and economical screening new suitable materials for contact application, and (ii) once identified, suitable materials candidates will be studied in more detail. A batch of Ag-M alloy films will be combinatorial screened. Nano-structure materials including Ag based delafossite materials, nano-composite materials with hard particle embedded in Ag matrix, nano porous Ag filling with lubricants and solid lubricants (AgI and graphene) are also the study targets for electrical contact applications.

Summary of work

Systematic study of AgNb, AgW, AgAl, and AgI coatings for the electrical contact applications.

Developed a process for AgFeO2 deposition. This material maybe excellent for decreasing friction coefficient in composite Ag films.

Investigated graphene lubricant effect for reducing friction and wear on contact sliding silver surface.

Involved in Mamoun Taher's project on the bulk Ag-based materials for the electrical contacts applications

Event log

2012. SweGRIDS conference poster prize.

2015. SweGRIDS conference poster prize. Fang Mao, Urban Wiklund, Anna M Andersson, Ulf Jansson, Graphene as a lubricant in electrical contacts, SweGRIDS conference 2015, Uppsala.

2017. Defended PhD thesis on June 8th.

Project reference-group

Åsa Kassman,  Uppsala University
Mikael Olsson,  Högskolan i Dalarna
Henrik Ljungkratz,  Impact Coatings
Erik Johansson,  ABB Corporate Research
Niklas Gustafsson,  ABB HV Components

Publications by this researcher

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Microstructure and phase composition of the Ag-Al film wear track : Through-thickness characterization by advanced electron microscopy
O. Kryshtal,   A. Kruk,   Fang Mao,   Mamoun Taher,   Ulf Jansson,   A. Czyrska-Filemonowicz.
2019,   Archives of Metallurgy and Materials, vol. 64(1)

The Influence of Chemical and Phase Composition on Mechanical, Tribological and Electrical Properties of Silver-Aluminum alloys
Mamoun Taher,   Fang Mao,   Pedro Berastegui,   Anna M. Andersson,   Ulf Jansson.
2018,   Tribology International, vol. 119

Tuning tribological, mechanical and electrical properties of Ag-X (X=Al, In, Sn) alloys
Mamoun Taher,   Fang Mao,   Pedro Berastegui,   Anna M. Andersson,   Ulf Jansson.
2018,   Tribology International, vol. 125

On the electro-tribological properties and degradation resistance of silver-aluminum coatings
Inigo Braceras,   Inigo Ibanez,   Mamoun Taher,   Fang Mao,   Andres del Barrio,   Saioa Saenz De Urturi,   Pedro Berastegui,   Anna M. Andersson,   Ulf Jansson.
2018,   Wear, vol. 414

Synthesis, Characterization, and Evaluation of Ag-based Electrical Contact Materials
Fang Mao.
2017,   Thesis (PhD), Acta Universitatis Upsaliensis, Digital 1517

Combinatorial Study of Gradient Ag-Al Thin Films : Microstructure, Phase Formation, Mechanical and Electrical Properties
Fang Mao,   Mamoun Taher,   Oleksandr Kryshtal,   Adam Kruk,   Aleksandra Czyrska-Filemonowicz,   Mikael Ottosson,   Anna M. Andersson,   Urban Wiklund,   Ulf Jansson.
2016,   ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, vol. 8(44)

Combinatorial magnetron sputtering of AgFeO2 thin films with the delafossite structure
Fang Mao,   Tomas Nyberg,   Thomas Thersleff,   Anna Andersson,   Ulf Jansson.
2016,   Materials & design, vol. 91

Graphene as a lubricant on Ag for electrical contact applications
Fang Mao,   Urban Wiklund,   Anna M. Andersson,   Ulf Jansson.
2015,   Journal of Materials Science, vol. 50(19)

Characterization of amorphous Zr-Si-C thin films deposited by DC magnetron sputtering
Qingnan Meng,   Paulius Malinovskis,   Nils Nedfors,   Fang Mao,   Matilda Andersson,   Youhong Sun,   Ulf Jansson.
2015,   Surface & Coatings Technology, vol. 261

Deposition and characterization of reactive magnetron sputtered zirconium carbide films
Qingnan N. Meng,   M. Wen,   Fang Mao,   Nils Nedfors,   Ulf Jansson,   W. T. Zheng.
2013,   Surface & Coatings Technology, vol. 232

Solution-based synthesis of AgI coatings for low-friction applications
Jill Sundberg,   Fang Mao,   Anna M. Andersson,   Urban Wiklund,   Ulf Jansson.
2013,   Journal of Materials Science, vol. 48(5)

A polymer foil non-contact IR temperature sensor with a thermoresistor integrated on the back of a vertically configured thermopile
Fang Mao,   Mikael Lindeberg,   Klas Hjort,   Lena Klintberg.
2012,   Sensors and Actuators A-Physical, vol. 179

The influence of oxygen in TiAlOxNy on the optical properties of colored solar-absorbing coatings
Dechun Zhu,   Fang Mao,   Shuxi Zhao.
2012,   Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells, vol. 98

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