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SweGRIDS research area MATERIAL
SweGRIDS project code ML12
Project type PostDoc
Status completed
Researcher Samrand Shafeie   (webpage)
University UU
Project period 2017-01-01 to 2017-12-31   
Project supervisor Martin Sahlberg   (webpage)
Industrial sponsors Höganäs

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Project abstract

This project aims to further investigate the appropriateness of the promising rare-earth free permanent magnet materials such as MnAl based alloys as a permanent magnet material. The transition to the desired ferromagnetic L10 phase has been previously improved by the addition of ~2 at.% Carbon. Mainly in this project the optimization (related to Hailiang Fang’s PhD project) of the magnetic properties has been done through different processing routes of the MnAlC powder produced both in-house and in collaboration with Höganäs AB. Microstructural characterization (size, shape, crystal orientation) is done by electron microscopy and light optical microscopy in collaboration with Höganäs AB. The Magnetic properties are measured in collaboration with Prof. Peter Svedlindh’s group.

Related to new alloys, FeNi known as the “meteorite phase” or tetrataenite that is formed <320C and takes 1 000 000 000+ years to form due to the low mobility of the atoms. The L10 phase of the FeNi has the potential to compete with rare-earth permanent magnets when comparing the BHmax values. The samples are made with addition of extra elements to study if any possibility exists to stabilize the L10 phase in “realistic” time scales in bulk. Samples are made in-house by arc-melting followed by heat treatments in vacuum. Magnetic properties screening is done by Peter Svedlindh’s group.

Summary of work

The work related to the SEWGRID project started with studies of different heat treatments of MnAl based powders from Höganäs AB to identify temperature regions for improved tau phase purity and magnetic properties. The work was complemented at Höganäs AB and resulted in a patent application together with the cryomilling process studied by Hailiang Fang. During the second half of the spring, we started a comparison study of MnAl synthesized by two different routes. One of the routes improved the phase purity, microstructure and magnetic properties significantly and is now currently being summarized into a manuscript. In parallel, studies with additional dopants is pursued during the second half of the year in order to find elements that can enhance the coercivity significantly for the optimized MnAlC composition, without deteriorating the maximum attainable magnetization for the sample.

Moreover, samples made in the FeNi system, in an attempt to find a way to synthesize the ordered L10 phase was also attempted. So far, pieces annealed at different time lengths at 300C did not result in a significant enhancement of the coercivity in the FeNi alloy. Indicating that the soft magnetic phase is the main phase still.

As of end of 2017, the focus will be to finish the manuscript that is being prepared and to finish the synthesis of MnAlC with additional dopants.

Event log

2017. Successful identification of temperature ranges and compositions for the conversion of MnAlC from the epsilon phase to the tau phase

2017. The cryomilling procedure in combination with heat treatment is prepared for a patent application by Höganäs AB

2017. A manuscript on the cryomilling related to (Hailiang Fang’s PhD project) is prepared and submitted for publication: "Structural, microstructural and magnetic evolution in cryo milled carbon doped MnAl".

2017. Received poster prize 2nd place at SweGRIDS conference.

Project reference-group

Dr Per-Olof Larsson,  Höganäs AB
Dr Hilmar Vidarsson,  Höganäs AB
Dr Björn Skårman,  Höganäs AB
Dr Klas Gunnarsson,  UU
Professor Peter Svedlindh,  UU

Publications by this researcher

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One step towards MnAl-based permanent magnets : Differences in magnetic, and microstructural properties from an intermediate annealing step during synthesis
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Structural, microstructural and magnetic evolution in cryo milled carbon doped MnAl
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2018,   Scientific Reports, vol. 8(1)

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