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SweGRIDS research area MATERIAL
SweGRIDS project code ML10
Project type PhD
Status completed
Researcher Ana Isabel Mendoza   (webpage)
University KTH (CBH)
Project period 2015-09-01 to 2017-12    project migrated from other funding
Project supervisor Emma Strömberg   (webpage)
Industrial sponsors ABB

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Project abstract

The objective of the present project is to develop structural composite materials with superhydrophobic properties, for antifouling and antifogging function of high voltage outdoor insulation applications. This will reduce the leakage currents, as well as increase the flash over voltages during the lifetime of the outdoor insulation system. The projects contains a new approach for solving this challenging problem by combining two known technologies: patterned functional surfaces and regenerative superhydrophobic surfaces. The polymer composites will contain micro- and nanofillers, protected by a superhydrophobic structure. The adhesion of pollution particles and moisture to these functional materials will be investigated during various conditions, as well as time scales. The relation between these properties to leakage current levels and flash over voltages will be investigated. The investigated concept is primarily intended for HV/MV composite outdoor insulation, but the use as a structural coating on ceramic insulation can also be considered.

Summary of work

2016. Study and comparison of the different developed deposition techniques, including spray, of Hydrophobic and Hydrophilic ZnO on glass and Sylgard 184 substrates, and the effect of the different parameters on the superhydrophobic properties.

2016. Study two different methods of functionalization of ZnO, using the best deposition techniques according to the results obtained from the first research and two different substrates, glass and Sylgard 184.

2016. Monitor the wettability and dynamic hydrophobicity of the novel surfaces.

2016. Study of the influence of the nanoparticles functionalization and deposition in the fungi growth in environmental chamber in PDMS substrates.

2016. Additional characterization using dynamic CAM, SEM, TEM and AFM.

Event log


Project reference-group

Prof. Eva Malmström,  KTH Fiber- och Polymerteknologi
Prof. Göran Finnveden,  KTH Miljöstrategisk analys (fms)
Prof. Stanislaw Gubanski,  CTH Högspänningsteknik
Prof. Ragnhild Aune,  NTNU & KTH Materialvetenskap
Prof. Henrik Hillborg,  ABB Corporate Research
Assoc. Prof. Hans Edin,  KTH Elektroteknik
Assoc Prof. Emma Strömberg,  KTH Fiber- och Polymerteknologi
Sven Jansson,  Elforsk

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Image analysis of PDMS/ZnO nanocomposite surfaces for optimized superhydrophobic and self-cleaning surface design
Ana Mendoza,   Pierre Larroche,   Fritjof Nilsson,   Mikael S. Hedenqvist,   Emma Strömberg,   Henrik Hillborg,   Rosana Moriana Torro.

Super-hydrophobic zinc oxide/silicone rubber nanocomposite surfaces
Ana Isabel Mendoza Alvarez,   Rosana Moriana Torro,   Henrik Hillborg,   Emma Strömberg.

Superhydrophobic self-regenerative silicone rubber nanocomposites for electrical outdoor insulation
Ana Mendoza,   H. Hillborg,   Emma Strömberg.
2015,   20th International Conference on Composite Materials, ICCM 2015, 19 July 2015 through 24 July 2015

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