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SweGRIDS research area Flexible Power Systems
SweGRIDS project code FPS8
Project type PhD
Status running
Researcher Umar Hanif Ramadhani   (webpage)
University UU
Project period 2018-09-10 to 2023-   
Project supervisor Joakim Widén   (webpage)
Industrial sponsors Vattenfall

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Project abstract

The main scientific challenge of this project is to improve spatio-temporal modeling of new energy technologies (PV systems, electric vehicles, batteries, home energy management systems, etc.) integrated in medium and low voltage grids, so that estimates of hosting capacity of the grids can be made more accurate. In the project, statistical models for solar irradiance, electric vehicle charging and flexible customers that take into account stochastic fluctuations in demand as well as spatial smoothing effects (e.g., fluctuations in solar irradiance due to cloud movements) will be developed. In the project, we will collaborate with the DSO Vattenfall to propose a methodology that is both beyond state-of-the-art research-wise and useful for practical network planning.

Summary of work

2018. Started with a literature study on existing state-of-the-art in research and industry, including an analysis of knowledge gaps and development needs. The aim is to publish this as a state-of-the-art review journal paper.

2019. Submitted a state-of-the-art review journal paper to the International Journal of Electrical Power & Energy Systems. Participated in several conferences and workshops to enhance the knowledge and network in this area.

2020. Published a state-of-the-art review journal paper at International Journal of Electrical Power & Energy Systems.
2020. Submitted two journal papers in probabilistic load flow analysis of distributed power systems based on the simulation of several PV generation and EV charging scenarios.

Event log

Poster presentation at ISGAN Workshop 2019: The future of electricity markets in a low carbon economy (Stockholm, 2 April 2019)
Participation at 9th Solar and Storage Integration Workshop (Dublin, 15-16 Oct 2019)
Participation at 3rd E-Mobility Power System Integration Symposium (14 Oct 2019)
Participation at 1st MESfIA Workshop (Bandung, 7th Nov 2019)
A reviewer at International Conference on Education, Leadership, and Innovation (ICELI) (Yogyakarta, Dec 2019)

Project reference-group

Nicholas Etherden,  Vattenfall R&D
Jimmy Sandström,  Vattenfall Eldistribution
Nicklas Johansson,  ABB Corporate Research
Joakim Munkhammar,  UU

Publications by this researcher

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On the properties of residential rooftop azimuth and tilt uncertainties for photovoltaic power generation modeling and hosting capacity analysis
Umar Hanif Ramadhani,   David Lingfors,   Joakim Munkhammar,   Joakim Widén.
2023,   Solar Energy Advances, vol. 3

Uncertainty modeling for load flow and hosting capacity analysis of urban electricity distribution systems
Umar Hanif Ramadhani.
2023,   Thesis (PhD), Acta Universitatis Upsaliensis, Digital 2296

Uncertainty and correlation modeling for load flow analysis of future electricity distribution systems : Probabilistic modeling of low voltage networks with residential photovoltaic generation and electric vehicle charging
Umar Hanif Ramadhani.
2021,   Thesis (Licentiate), Department of Civil and Industrial Engineering,

Combined PV-EV hosting capacity assessment for a residential LV distribution grid with smart EV charging and PV curtailment
Reza Fachrizal,   Umar Hanif Ramadhani,   Joakim Munkhammar,   Joakim Widén.
2021,   Sustainable Energy, Grids and Networks, vol. 26

Probabilistic load flow analysis of electric vehicle smart charging in unbalanced LV distribution systems with residential photovoltaic generation
Umar Hanif Ramadhani,   Reza Fachrizal,   Joakim Munkhammar,   Joakim Widén.
2021,   Sustainable cities and society, vol. 72

Estimating the socio-economic drivers of residential photovoltaic systems adoption in a Swedish city
Umar Hanif Ramadhani,   Bezawit Tsegai,   Caroline Apelryd,   Sofia Ekbring,   Joakim Munkhammar,   Joakim Widén.
2021,   11th Solar & Storage Power System Integration Workshop (SIW 2021), Berlin & virtually, 28 September, 2021

Review of probabilistic load flow approaches for power distribution systems with photovoltaic generation and electric vehicle charging
Umar Hanif Ramadhani,   Mahmoud Shepero,   Joakim Munkhammar,   Joakim Widén,   Nicholas Etherden.
2020,   International Journal of Electrical Power & Energy Systems, vol. 120

Estimating the impacts of single phase electric vehicle charging and photovoltaic installations on an unbalanced 3-phase distribution grid
Mahmoud Shepero,   Umar Ramadhani,   Joakim Widén.
2019,   9th Solar integration workshop, Dublin, October 14, 2019

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