Investigating key performance of new commercial lithium-ion batteries for grid-microgrid energy storage applications swegrids-logo

SweGRIDS research area Flexible Power Systems
SweGRIDS project code FPS16
Project type PhD
Status running
Researcher Mathilda Ohrelius   (webpage)
University KTH (CBH)
Project period 2019-08-01 to 2023-   
Project supervisor Göran Lindberg   (webpage)
Industrial sponsors Vattenfall, Hitachi Energy

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Project abstract

The power grid sector is facing severe challenges when it comes to stability in the power grid. Due to the development in the electromobility sector lithium-ion batteries are now a possible solution to install for stationary energy storage solutions. The flexibility, energy capacity and fast response time of lithium-ion batteries enables a unique possibility for power grid services.

This project is focused on understanding how batteries are being used when providing power grid services, and how this affects the battery when it comes to battery degradation or aging.

A battery lifetime study of a single cylindrical cell is being performed at KTH where the battery aging is being analyzed throughout the battery cycling life. One goal is to understand how battery aging is affected when several service cycles are combined, compared to single service use.

Summary of work


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Project reference-group

Rakel Wreland Lindström,  KTH
Jinying Yan,  Vattenfall
Sophie von Kraemer,  Vattenfall
Firas Alhaider,  Vattenfall

Publications by this researcher

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Lifetime Limitations in Multi-Service Battery Energy Storage Systems
Mathilda Ohrelius,   Magnus Berg,   Rakel Lindström,   Göran Lindbergh.
2023,   Energies, vol. 16(7)

Diagnosis and prognosis of battery degradation through re-evaluation and Gaussian process regression of electrochemical model parameters
Moritz Streb,   Mathilda Ohrelius,   Aamer Siddiqui,   Matilda Klett,   Göran Lindbergh.
2023,   Journal of Power Sources, vol. 588

Improving Li-ion battery parameter estimation by global optimal experiment design
Moritz Streb,   Mathilda Ohrelius,   Matilda Klett,   Göran Lindbergh.
2022,   Journal of Energy Storage, vol. 56

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