Physics, chemistry and effects of ablation (outgassing) of polymers used in electrical switchgear swegrids-logo

SweGRIDS research area CIPOWER Controllable Power Components
SweGRIDS project code CP4
Project type PhD
Status stopped before exam
Researcher Venkatesh Doddapaneni   (webpage)
University KTH (EME)
Project period 2011-08-01 to 2014-02-28   
Project supervisor Marley Beccera   (webpage)
Industrial sponsors ABB
InnoEnergy PhD School yes  

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Project abstract

The PhD project is aimed to investigate the fundamental physical and chemical aspects of the ablation (outgassing) process of polymers used to improve the performance of switching power components (e.g. breakers, contactors). Thus, this multidisciplinary project is intended to study experimentally and theoretically the mutual interaction between ablating polymers and plasma arcs under current levels typical of faults in low voltage systems.

Summary of work


Event log


Project reference-group

Romeo Bianchetti,  ABB Switzerland
Rudolf Gati,  ABB Switzerland
Andreas Friberg,  ABB Sweden
Minna Hakkarainen,  KTH

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