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SweGRIDS research area CIPOWER Controllable Power Components
SweGRIDS project code CP27
Project type PostDoc
Status completed
Researcher Sahitya Yadav Kandur   (webpage)
University KTH (EME)
Project period 2017-06-01 to 2018-03   
Project supervisor Hans Edin   (webpage)
Industrial sponsors ABB

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Project abstract

The power system plays a major role in economy of a country, and transformers are considered as major component assets. It is essential to monitor condition of the transformer for its safe operation, performance and its life. The reliability and life of oil filled transformers depends on operating conditions and by proper insulation design. The basic insulation in power transformers is the mineral oil and the oil impregnated pressboard/paper insulation. The life of transformer insulation depends on various factors including operating electrical stress (natural transients, partial discharges), thermal stress (hotspot temperature), static electrification, electro-chemical reaction, mechanical stress formed due to electrical vibration. In recent years, many transformers are failed due to formation of copper sulphide in transformer insulation.

Having known all these, the main objectives of my project are following:
1. Investigation of polarity dependence of AC superimposed with impulse on PD activity from typically unsymmetrical objectives in OIP systems such as surface and corona discharges;
2. Understanding the behavior of partial discharges before, during and after transient over- voltages on different ageing states of oil impregnated paper insulation;
3. Understanding the Influence of electric field and temperature on formation of copper sulphide in oil impregnated paper insulation in air and Nitrogen ambiance.

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Corona Discharge Activity in Nanoparticle Dispersed Transformer Oil under Composite Voltages
Kumari Swati,   R. Sarathi,   Kandur Sahitya Yadav,   Nathaniel Taylor,   Hans Ezz Edin.
2018,   IEEE transactions on dielectrics and electrical insulation, vol. 25(5)

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